White House Discusses Concentration of Power in AI

The stakeholders involved also discussed initiatives the administration could undertake to encourage competition in AI.
White House Discusses Concentration of Power in AI

Participants in the meeting discussed issues such as pricing, quality, innovation, and privacy within the AI landscape., the White House mentioned in an official statement.

Today, only a handful of AI labs in the world possess all the resources necessary to build a model like GPT-4, the driving force behind the widely used chatbot ChatGPT. The centralization of this power is a cause for substantial concern among many.

The stakeholders in the meeting also delved into the impact of the growing influence of AI on competition law and policy in the forthcoming years, exploring potential ways in which it might worsen existing issues like price-fixing and self-preferencing.

The discussion then shifted to the steps and initiatives the administration could implement to encourage competition in AI and ensure that the advantages of AI are accessible on a broader scale.

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White House Discusses Concentration of Power in AI

This involves backing publicly funded research initiatives, employing procurement tools effectively, and implementing various other strategic steps.

Stakeholders who participated in the meeting included representatives from the White House National Economic Council, National Security Council, Domestic Policy Council, Office of Science and Technology Policy, Council of Economic Advisers, Federal Trade Commission, and the Department of Justice.

In October 2023, with the “Executive Order on the Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Development and Use of Artificial Intelligence,” the Joe Biden-led administration made it clear that promoting competition in AI will be a crucial factor of its AI policy.

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