Veronika Durgin, Saks Vice President of Data, Joins CDO Magazine Global Editorial Board

Veronika Durgin, Saks Vice President of Data
Veronika Durgin, Saks Vice President of Data

(US and Canada) We are pleased to welcome Veronika Durgin to CDO Magazine’s Global Editorial Board. Durgin is Vice President of Data at Saks where she is responsible for designing a comprehensive data strategy. She champions innovation by enabling and supporting data engineering, analytics, and data science efforts, ensuring a balance between practical solutions and cutting-edge advancements.

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Veronika Durgin, Saks Vice President of Data

Durgin is an experienced data and analytics leader with over two decades in the field. Throughout her career, she has developed a diverse set of skills that range from database administration, data engineering, platform architecture, data modeling, and analytics to leadership, making her a dynamic force in the industry.

She earned a master’s degree in computer software engineering from Brandeis University and a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Durgin is a Certified Data Vault Practitioner and a Snowflake Data Superhero. She is not only an experienced professional but also a dedicated mentor within the data community. She is also a frequent speaker at various data conferences and events.

As global thought leaders, CDO Magazine’s Editorial Board of top executives share their expert opinions and innovations in data and analytics. The board ensures that we champion the best companies, leaders, and insights that accelerate our community’s success. Members may serve as editorial writers, reviewers, content developers, and conference speakers.

The CDO Magazine community welcomes Veronika Durgin to our growing Global Editorial Board membership.

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