Brian Brooks, Fidelity Investments VP Data Strategy and Governance, Joins CDO Magazine Global Editorial Board

Brian Brooks, Fidelity Investments VP Data Strategy and Governance
Brian Brooks, Fidelity Investments VP Data Strategy and Governance

(US and Canada) We are pleased to welcome Brian Brooks to CDO Magazine’s Global Editorial Board. Brooks is Vice President of Data Strategy and Governance at Fidelity Investments. He also holds the responsibility of overseeing cross-enterprise engagement, including representing Asset Management (AM) on various enterprise data forums such as the Enterprise Data Management (EDM) Council, Enterprise Legal, Risk and Compliance Data Advisory Group; Complex Securities Committee, Large Language Model (LLM) Review Board, and related steering committees.

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Brian Brooks, Fidelity Investments VP Data Strategy and Governance

Possessing 17 years of industry experience, Brooks is a dedicated business data leader committed to continuous learning and development, aiming to empower organizations to leverage data and technology to their fullest potential. Renowned for his unwavering passion and exceptional executive communication skills, Brooks has played a pivotal role in establishing robust data programs and strategies at one of the world's leading financial services providers.

With a background rooted in customer service and technology innovation, Brooks has successfully led global teams in devising and implementing business enablement solutions catered to sophisticated stakeholders across all organizational levels, contributing significantly to the firm's attainment of competitive differentiation.

As global thought leaders, CDO Magazine’s Editorial Board of top executives share their expert opinions and innovations in data and analytics. The board ensures that we champion the best companies, leaders, and insights that accelerate our community’s success. Members may serve as editorial writers, reviewers, content developers, and conference speakers.

The CDO Magazine community welcomes Brian Brooks to our growing Global Editorial Board membership.

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