Analog Devices Appoints Ash Dhupar as Chief Data Officer

Ash Dhupar, Analog Devices Chief Data Officer
Ash Dhupar, Analog Devices Chief Data Officer

(US and Canada) Global semiconductor leader Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) has appointed Ash Dhupar as Chief Data Officer. Dhupar is a results-driven artificial intelligence and data executive spearheading business transformations across diverse industries, including aerospace and defense, semiconductor, healthcare, technology, retail, and media and entertainment.

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Ash Dhupar, Analog Devices Chief Data Officer

Prior to joining Analog Devices, Dhupar served as Chief Data Officer at BAE Systems where he led the data and analytics strategy, driving digital transformation programs that unlocked strategic and tactical business opportunities across the US$ 12 billion portfolio.

“I look forward to contributing to ADI's growth with a data-driven future. My tenure at BAE Systems has been immensely rewarding, and I am grateful to my colleagues for their collaboration and support,” Dhupar wrote about his move in a LinkedIn post.

Over the years, Dhupar has demonstrated commendable expertise in the utilization of data and analytics to transform financial performance, customer experience, operational efficiency, and products/services. His previous endeavors include being the CEO and Chief Data and Analytics Officer at The Incredible Minds Inc., where he led the creation of disruptive AI platforms for healthcare, retail, and fintech.

Dhupar is an advisory board member for Rutgers University and an author of the upcoming AI book “Deep Profits: Driving Business Growth with AI-driven Organizations.” He holds a position on the CDO Magazine Global Editorial Board, showcasing his contributions to the field of data.

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