Generative AI Revolutionizing the Enterprise: Leaders Prep for CDO Magazine Summit

Several CDO Magazine Summit speakers and senior data and analytics executives unite at the Pre-Summit Dinner September 11 to explore “Generative AI’s Impact on the Enterprise.’’
Several CDO Magazine Summit speakers and senior data and analytics executives unite at the Pre-Summit Dinner September 11 to explore “Generative AI’s Impact on the Enterprise.’’

CDO Magazine hosted speakers and senior data & analytics executives to exchange insights on the transformative potential of Generative AI at its Pre-Summit Dinner in Cincinnati on September 11.

Discussing "Generative AI and Its Impact on the Enterprise" were executives, including speakers at the CDO Magazine Summit on September 12, from First Financial Bank, GM Financial, Great American Insurance, Wells Fargo, and Whirlpool Corporation.

Summit speaker Jasmine DeGaia, Wells Fargo Head of Customer Data Strategy, says, “There’s a huge benefit sitting with other leaders and eating together, getting to know other people on a human level and understanding their various challenges.” She adds, “I got a lot of insights tonight from other leaders from a Gen AI perspective – what challenges they are facing and what strategies they are applying.”

According to sponsor and moderator David Washo, AHEAD Partner of Advisory Client Services, the following were the key takeaways:

  1. Speaking on their greatest challenge with modernization, the leaders said it was people and not technology. With all the talk around gen AI, it is still about people working together and being a champion for the data cause. Once we define the use cases, the technology is easy.

  2. Everyone agreed that data governance or data enablement is a non-negotiable capability to extract value from data in modernization. 

  3. Sustained sponsorship is important. Raising the conversation up to the Board of Directors is critical. They need to understand what is involved.

Similarly, Summit speaker Latha Subramaian, GM Financial Senior Vice President of Data Analytics, states, “It was great to hear from like-minded people, trade notes and validate your approach to your responsibilities.” She adds, “Tonight I learned and validated my approach to Data Governance and AI. There are times that I self-doubt but it was great to hear that other leaders had similar challenges.”

Sharing his perspective, Steve Wanamaker, CDO Magazine CEO, says, "Tonight’s discussion underscores the pivotal role of Gen AI in redeeming the enterprise landscape. It is incredible to witness the collaborative efforts of data executives coming together to shape the future which belongs to enterprises that embrace innovation and harness the power of data.”

Executives attending the dinner included: Jasmine de Gaia, Wells Fargo Head of Customer Data Strategy; Jim York, CareSource AVP, Data Solutions; Latha Subramanian, GM Financial Senior Vice President, Business Data Leader; Marc Cordray, First Financial Bank FVP, Senior Director of Enterprise Data Management; Murat Genc, Whirlpool Corporation Global Data Technology & Transformation Officer; Rob Golden, Great American Insurance Chief Data & Analytics Officer; Russ Scoville, CareSource VP, Enterprise Data Services; David Washo, AHEAD Partner - Advisory - Client Services; Mike Menke, AHEAD Field CTO; Taylor Gorning, AHEAD Managing Director; Steve Wanamaker, CDO Magazine CEO & Publisher; and Chris Marshall, CDO Magazine Global Community Leader.

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