US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Identifies 36 AI Use Cases

The report advocates for an AI framework to guide the agency.
US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Identifies 36 AI Use Cases
Source: NRC

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has outlined 36 potential applications of artificial intelligence (AI), with 16 involving generative AI, as part of a set of proposals to the commissioners and a comprehensive agency-wide strategy.

“Specifically, 23 offices developed 61 potential use cases. From these 61 potential use cases, the staff identified 36 use cases that align with the capabilities of current AI tools, while the remaining 25 could be addressed using non-AI solutions,” an agency report said.

Moreover, in a report, NRC staffer also recommended an AI framework to guide the agency, delineating strategies for AI governance, recruitment of fresh talent, and enhancement of existing workforce skills.

“To effectively implement AI solutions, the NRC will need to develop a framework to deploy AI at the agency. This necessitates having several foundational components in place. The agency will need a sound data strategy and data management program, AI governance, an information

technology (IT) infrastructure that supports AI development, and a skilled AI workforce,” the report added.

Additionally, investments in foundational tools like generative AI services and Agencywide Documents Access and Management System (ADAMS) cognitive search technology will sustain innovation, enhance AI maturity, and foster a responsible AI culture, the report stated.

This year, the NRC intensified its focus on AI, evident in a $4.43 million funding request for AI initiatives in its FY 2025 budget, marking a $3.7 million surge from the previous year.

The agency aims to craft an AI regulatory framework for the nuclear sector while promoting responsible AI adoption, encompassing generative AI.

Last year, the NRC also issued an internal policy on generative AI to its employees. 

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