US House of Representatives Forms AI Task Force

The task force will be jointly led by Chair Jay Obernolte and Co-Chair Ted Lieu.
US House of Representatives Forms AI Task Force
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Leaders of the U.S. House of Representatives have announced the formation of a bipartisan task force to explore how Congress can ensure the U.S. continues to lead globally in AI innovation while considering appropriate guardrails to safeguard the nation against current and emerging threats.

Speaker Mike Johnson and Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries have each appointed twelve members to the Task Force that represent key committees of jurisdiction and will be jointly led by Chair Jay Obernolte and Co-Chair Ted Lieu.

The Task Force aims to generate a thorough report comprising guiding principles, forward-thinking recommendations, and bipartisan policy proposals, crafted in consultation with relevant committees.

“Because advancements in artificial intelligence have the potential to rapidly transform our economy and our society, it is important for Congress to work in a bipartisan manner to understand and plan for both the promises and the complexities of this transformative technology,” said Johnson.

Obernolte is currently serving as the U.S. representative for California's 23rd district since 2021 and has a background in AI. He holds a master’s degree in AI from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Lieu, on the other hand, has represented California's 36th congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives since 2023 and is a computer science engineer. 

“As new innovations in AI continue to emerge, Congress and our partners in the federal government must keep up. House Republicans and Democrats will work together to create a comprehensive report detailing the regulatory standards and congressional actions needed to both protect consumers and foster continued investment and innovation in AI,”  Obernolte said.

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