TMF Invests $47 Mn to Upgrade NASA and Labor Department Technology

NASA will receive $5.87 mn to bolster cybersecurity measures and operational efficacy.
TMF Invests $47 Mn to Upgrade NASA and Labor Department Technology

The Technology Modernization Fund (TMF) has announced two fresh investments, amounting to over US$ 47 million, aimed at aiding NASA and the Department of Labor (DoL) in tackling security vulnerabilities and modernizing outdated technology.

The primary investment, amounting to $42 million, is designated to support the Department of Labor's Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP) in replacing the obsolete Integrated Federal Employee Compensation System (iFECS).

The secondary investment, totaling $5.87 million, is allocated to bolstering NASA's cybersecurity measures and operational efficacy.

“It is our responsibility to protect high-priority systems and enable our federal workforce to deliver on their agency’s mission seamlessly and securely.

“These TMF investments demonstrate the diversity and reach of the TMF in driving innovation and impact forward for the American public – from strengthening NASA spacecraft control to supporting injured and ill workers through DOL’s Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs,” said Clare Martorana, Federal CIO and TMF Board Chair.

Earlier this year, TMF announced investments worth US$ 71 million into the Department of Justice (DoJ), General Services Administration (GSA), and Armed Forces Retirement Home (AFRH) to address security vulnerabilities and deliver better customer experience.

Established in 2018, TMF offers fiscal support to agencies for the modernization of outdated federal information systems. Additionally, it extends technical assistance and oversight throughout project implementation, ensuring the success of its investments.

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