DoD Enhances Capacity for Rapid AI Adoption

DOD’s commitment to research, development, test, and evaluation investments is evident, as affirmed by a senior Pentagon policy official.
DoD Enhances Capacity for Rapid AI Adoption

The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) has improved its ability to deploy new technologies, particularly artificial intelligence (AI) due to key organizational and strategy updates, according to Michael C. Horowitz, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Force Development and Emerging Capabilities.

"If you imagine, essentially, a continuum of activities from science and technology investments all the way to fielding capabilities, this administration within the Department of Defense has launched new initiatives at each place, essentially, in the continuum," Horowitz reportedly said.

He pointed to the establishment of the Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office, tasked with overseeing the department's comprehensive integration of data. Additionally, he referenced increased DOD investments in research, development, test and evaluation, and new initiatives aimed at accelerating experimentation across the department.

“All across the waterfront we've launched initiatives designed to improve our adoption capacity, and I think we're really starting to see them pay off," Horowitz added.

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DoD Enhances Capacity for Rapid AI Adoption

In November 2023, the defense department unveiled a strategy aimed at expediting the integration of advanced AI capabilities. The goal is to secure enduring decision superiority for U.S. soldiers on the battlefield in the years ahead.

The new strategy, crafted by the Chief Digital and AI Office, expands on and surpasses the 2018 AI Strategy and the revised Data Strategy from 2020. These foundational documents have set the stage for the department's strategy in deploying AI-enabled capabilities.

"Rather than identify a handful of AI-enabled warfighting capabilities that will beat our adversaries, our strategy outlines the approach to strengthening the organizational environment within which our people can continuously deploy data analytics and AI capabilities for enduring decision advantage," DOD Chief Digital and AI Officer Craig Martell had said back then.

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