Cloud Service Pilots for Overseas Military Branches Within Reach: DISA

DISA announced its new outside the Continental US (OCONUS) cloud capability last year in August.
Cloud Service Pilots for Overseas Military Branches Within Reach: DISA

A Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) representative stated that the agency's current pilot initiatives aimed at offering cloud services to military branches outside the US are progressing satisfactorily.

However, Korie Seville who serves as the DISA’s Hosting and Compute Center (HaCC) Technical Director, also acknowledges that much work remains to be done beforehand.

“Our goal is to not only test the waters of what operational edge cloud would look like, but also to test the waters of how do you maintain and manage a global infrastructure that is delivered in the way the cloud is, which is central control, central capability, and basically a level of agnosticism where, if you’re providing a service, you may not know where it is as a user, but you’re just using it and it’s available everywhere you go,” Seville said at an event organized by GovCIO Media and Research.

DISA announced its new Outside the Continental US (OCONUS) cloud capability in August last year. Seville previously announced that the OCONUS Region for Stratus is now operational at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam in Hawaii, representing a significant advancement in the agency's efforts to establish a global cloud infrastructure.

The cloud service uses both on-premise data centers and commercial cloud services to operate outside the U.S. The hybrid capability is poised to enhance the Army's capacity for data storage and processing within the command, meeting the high demand for this resource across the military as it undergoes modernization efforts.

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