Vue Robotics Launches Vue Vision, a New AI-Powered Weather Monitoring Camera System

Patrick Baglien, CEO, Vue Robotics
Patrick Baglien, CEO, Vue Robotics

Vue Robotics (Vue), a leading provider of real-time situational awareness of weather and environmental impacts, today announced the launch of Vue Vision, a new proprietary AI-powered weather monitoring model that is designed to help government officials, corporations, and facility managers make efficient and real-time operational decisions in the face of unpredictable weather and emergency events.

Vue Vision was built using millions of self-collected HDR images and weather observations which powers the company's computer vision models for monitoring inclement weather conditions and other environmental changes. This information can be used to improve operational efficiencies, reporting, and safety during weather and other emergency events. According to the National Centers for Environmental Information, weather related events led to $177.3B in damages in 2022 alone. Vue Vision's accurate and timely reporting helps companies better predict the impact storms will have on their operations leading to saved time, money and resources.

Vue Vision persistently learns and retrains itself based on the unique conditions at each camera's location. It then analyzes pixel level data to instantaneously identify changing weather conditions including precipitation type, precipitation start and stop times, and accumulation. Real time notifications are then sent to users which can be customized to meet their unique operational reporting needs.

"Traditional weather forecasts and radar data aren't always accurate to the conditions on the ground, making it challenging to make operational decisions in real-time," said Christopher Lareau, Co-Founder, COO, Vue Robotics. "We're excited to take a practical approach to delivering an operationally useful AI model to market. Vue Vision ensures decision makers within government, corporations, and facility management have access to critical data to help them operate with improved awareness, safety, and efficiency.

"Leveraging technology to improve decision making becomes even more critical with increasing risks from inclement weather events that pose harm to people or impact business operations," said Patrick Baglien, CEO, Vue Robotics. "Vue Vision replaces the need for dedicated monitoring staff to analyze and report on impact weather and emergency events. Our customizable approach ensures users receive the information they need when they need it. We're confident Vue Vision will help to keep people safe and keep your business running efficiently and without interruption."

Vue Vision was developed using Vue Robotics' ARC 1 intelligent site monitoring camera, which was awarded Best New Product of the Year by the American Public Works Association, but can be deployed on any security, highway, or construction camera system or platform. Customers of Vue Robotics' ARC 1 camera system will receive Vue Vision as part of their annual subscription. Vue plans on continuing to expand Vue Vision with additional features for flood, smoke and visibility detection, which the company plans to announce next year.

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