TCG Process and Inspektlabs Enhance Claims Processing with AI Analysis

Patrick Ulrich, CTO of TCG Process
Patrick Ulrich, CTO of TCG Process

(US and Canada) TCG Process, with headquarters in Switzerland, an international organization that develops and integrates input management and intelligent process automation software, has announced a new integration available in their DocProStar platform.

The latest integration extends DocProStar's capabilities for insurers. Inspektlabs uses AI to eliminate the need for physical inspections by analyzing photos and videos of the damage to a vehicle, providing faster, more efficient automation of claims assessments and improving fraud detection.

Users can easily include the Inspektlabs technology inside any process, simply by selecting and configuring an activity from DocProStar's activity library, which consists of over 150 drag-and-drop activities that can be built incorporated into a business process with no additional coding required, minimizing complexity and shortening the time to automation.

"Our integration with Inspektlabs was extremely efficient thanks to their REST interface and webhooks, and DocProStar's integration readiness. Our platform is truly extensible, giving our customers the flexibility they require." said Patrick Ulrich, CTO of TCG Process.

The addition of the Inspektlabs activity further broadens the scope of DocProStar's multi-media capabilities, advancing the platform's efficiency to comprehensively automate claims assessment processes.

"We are excited to join forces with TCG Process to continue to transform the insurance industry's approach to claims processing. By integrating technology that eliminates the need for physical inspections directly into a business process, insurers can deliver a faster, more reliable and technologically advanced service that aligns perfectly with the needs and expectations of the modern customer," said Devesh Trivedi from Inspektlabs.

For an in-depth understanding of how orchestrating multiple AI services can further enhance process automation, join TCG Process for an exclusive webinar with AI technology partners on January 25 at 10AM ET.

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