Syte Pioneers Generative AI-Powered Styling and Merchandising Solutions for Retailers

Vered Levy Ron, Syte CEO
Vered Levy Ron, Syte CEO

(EMEA) Syte, the leading Visual AI Platform for retail, announced the launch of its AI Styling and Product Description Generator solutions, leveraging its existing proprietary visual AI engine with new generative AI capabilities to improve on-site product discovery while streamlining backend merchandising operations. The launch follows the recent inauguration of Syte Labs, a new division within the company dedicated to innovations that complement Syte's core visual AI technology and benefit its customers and partners as well as the broader retail industry.

Following the rise to prominence of generative AI, McKinsey predicted that the retail and consumer packaged goods industry is expected to see some of the greatest potential impact as a percentage of revenues from this new technology, reaching up to $660 billion annually. However, harnessing generative AI in a practical, effective way still feels out of reach for many brands and retailers. Syte's new solutions are designed to bridge the gap between the endless possibilities presented by this innovative technology, and practical applications that move the needle for retail performance.

"Syte has innovation in our DNA, but we are equally focused on improving business performance for our customers," said Syte CEO Vered Levy Ron. "When we began integrating generative AI into our visual AI capabilities, we made a concerted effort to focus on easy-to-implement, high-impact solutions, rather than flashy or novel AI applications. I'm proud to announce the launch of Syte's AI Styling and Product Description Generator solutions because they are uniquely designed to serve the needs of brands and retailers, who in the current economic climate, need to prioritize efficiency without compromising on quality."

The Product Description Generator combines visual and generative AI, scanning catalogue product images to generate AI product tags based on visual attributes, and using those tags to auto-generate product titles and descriptions instantly. The titles and descriptions can be regenerated to align with a variety of brand voice options, or manually edited for complete control. Auto-generating descriptions saves merchandising teams significant labor, while improving product discoverability and SEO with the help of the detailed descriptions included in the text. It also standardizes product catalogues, which is particularly critical for marketplaces that include multiple brands or sellers. This solution is already live for Syte customers, saving them countless merchandising hours and resources.

Syte's AI Styling solution uses a combination of generative and visual AI to automatically produce styling suggestions for any given product on a brand or retailer's website, promoting cross-selling across diverse product catalogues and audiences. The styling recommendations keep up to date with changing stock and seasonality, align with brand aesthetic, and provide a tailored, custom experience. AI Styling is expected to be live with several Syte customers early in Q2.

"We are thrilled to be leading the charge in practical AI for retail, expanding our offering to cater to our customers' needs, and setting the standard for practical innovations in our industry," said Levy Ron. 

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