Strider Technologies and Scale AI Establish Strategic Partnership to Support Federal Government Agencies

Eric Levesque, COO and Co-founder of Strider
Eric Levesque, COO and Co-founder of Strider

(US and Canada) Strider Technologies, Inc. and Scale AI have announced today a strategic partnership to deliver federal government agencies the data and AI technologies to identify, contextualize, and respond to important U.S. economic and national security issues.

The partnership will combine Strider's public data, a collection of over 10 billion documents from primary sources in multiple languages, with Donovan, Scale's AI-powered decision-making platform for helping public sector operators, analysts, and decision-makers understand, plan, and act in minutes instead of weeks. The goal will be to support mission objectives with additional data to better understand state-sponsored risk around the globe from strategic adversaries.

Specifically, Strider's publicly collected data will inform Donovan's large language model platform that helps users make sense of vast amounts of structured and unstructured data to make smarter decisions. As a result, government agencies will have access to billions of documents via a production-ready platform that delivers the intelligence needed to identify, evaluate, and respond to critical national security threats.

"Strider has meticulously gathered billions of documents about restricted entities and foreign government ties. This kind of information is critical for supply chain risk management and countering foreign influence efforts. Scale's Donovan platform is well-suited to read and summarize such significant volumes of information," said John Brennan, Scale's General Manager, Public Sector.

"Strider and Scale share a common goal to deliver critical insights to organizations, to drive better outcomes," said Eric Levesque, COO and Co-founder of Strider. "This partnership is a natural fit and we are excited to work with the talented team at Scale to deliver federal agencies the data and AI technology capabilities they need to secure this nation."

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