Revolutionizing Healthcare Connectivity: Perspecta Introduces ProviderDirectoryAI

Bo Roff-Marsh, CTO of Perspecta
Bo Roff-Marsh, CTO of Perspecta

(US and Canada)  Perspecta, the leading provider of provider directories and provider data management for workers' compensation, government, and healthcare, today announced the launch of ProviderDirectoryAI. This innovative provider directory platform seamlessly signifies the strategic merger between Perspecta and TalisPoint by blending established functionalities with an industry-leading product vision, roadmap, and data.

"ProviderDirectoryAI is not just a product; we combined the service model, data, and best practices from Perspecta's VIIAD Provider Directory and TalisPoint 2.0," stated Howard Koenig, Perspecta's CEO. "By seamlessly integrating the strengths of both platforms, we now deliver the unified solution that sets new standards for accuracy, efficiency, and innovation in healthcare connectivity."

Key Features of Perspecta's ProviderDirectoryAI:

  • AI-Driven Accuracy

    ProviderDirectoryAI utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to facilitate accurate, customer-driven, provider searches, comparisons, and selections. The platform's advanced filtering and prioritization feature highlights high-performing or featured providers.

  • User-Centric Accessibility

    The platform boasts a user-friendly interface and responsive design, providing seamless access for healthcare professionals, administrators, subscribers, and patients from any device, ensuring a streamlined and intuitive user experience.

  • Provider Data Accuracy

    ProviderDirectoryAI integrates Perspecta's DataVault, the industry's leading suite of accurate and verified data assets, cleansing, and augmentation. This offering minimizes provider data errors, elevates the user experience, and ensures unparalleled levels of data accuracy by leveraging our vast data repositories alongside intelligent algorithms.

  • Visual Analytics for Informed Decision-Making

    Detailed data analytics with on-demand dashboards and reports, enabling authorized users to make informed decisions based on preferred selection criteria, including geographic details and search specialties.

  • Expanded Partner Ecosystem

    ProviderDirectoryAI acknowledges the importance of a collaborative ecosystem and emphasizes the growth of its partner community, fostering connections with cloud providers, member portals, claims systems, bill review systems, nurse triage partners, and more. This expansion ensures users can leverage a diverse set of integrations and APIs, enhancing the platform's overall capabilities.

  • Enhanced Directions with ProviderDirectoryGO

    This additional service offers enhanced navigation capabilities. Users will benefit from vastly improved point-to-point driving directions seamlessly integrated into the portal.

"Our commitment extends beyond the launch of ProviderDirectoryAI, with the robust product roadmap and vision designed to anticipate and meet the evolving needs of healthcare professionals," said Bo Roff-Marsh, CTO of Perspecta. "Stay tuned as we continue to innovate, delivering  comprehensive solutions that grow alongside the ever-changing demands of the healthcare industry."

Highlights of Perspecta's Quarterly ProviderDirectoryAI Roadmap:

  • AI Product Suites Expansion

    In a commitment to stay at the forefront of technological advancements, ProviderDirectoryAI is expanding its suite of AI products. This expansion is designed to bring new functionalities and capabilities, leveraging artificial intelligence to improve various aspects of the platform. Users can anticipate more robust and intelligent features to streamline their provider directory experience.

  • Directory Chatbot

    Perspecta's ProviderDirectoryAI roadmap introduces an innovative chatbot feature aimed at elevating user engagement. Users can benefit from real-time assistance, making navigation and information retrieval within the platform more efficient and intuitive.

  • Online Provider Appointment Scheduling

    As part of Perspecta's ongoing commitment to user convenience, ProviderDirectoryAI will integrate our robust online scheduling system for healthcare appointments. This feature will empower users to efficiently manage and schedule appointments with healthcare providers through the online directory.

This unified, next-generation platform release follows the merger of Perspecta and TalisPoint. The now consolidated company signifies the fusion of expertise, innovation, and a shared commitment to excellence.

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