Research Innovations (RII) Launches PRIISM Decision Advantage Platform for National Security Missions

Rich Briggs, Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of RII
Rich Briggs, Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of RII

(US and Canada) Research Innovations, Inc. (RII), a provider of critical national security technology solutions, today launched the PRIISM Decision Advantage Platform to empower globally distributed defense organizations and coalitions with faster access to the data and workflow interoperability needed to make mission-critical decisions and outmaneuver threats at the speed of relevance. PRIISM brings together the foundational command and control capabilities required for any mission across planning, execution, real-time collaboration, and assessment in complex environments, to dramatically streamline workflows and accelerate outcomes with the data-centric security required to jettison cumbersome networks that slow coalitions down.

"PRIISM is the culmination of decades of experience in helping national security organizations transform the way they execute missions," said Rich Briggs, Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of RII. "The reality is that all defense missions require a core set of decision support tools spanning communications, collaboration, visualization, intelligence, and security. PRIISM delivers proven, accredited access to 70-80 percent of necessary C2 capabilities for any mission on day one, empowering national security teams with the head start they need to maintain information advantage against global adversaries."

PRIISM brings geographically dispersed, multinational teams into a secure, centralized environment where they can leverage automated workflows, seamless collaboration across echelons, data-driven planning modules, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence for optimal situational understanding. National security personnel can build upon PRIISM's core C2 capabilities with mission-specific customizations, including fused and enriched data sets, composable role-based dashboards, and low code/no-code development tools that non-technical mission leads can use to build solutions that evolve and adapt at the speed of rapidly changing world events.

"The fundamental challenge facing complex joint operations is alignment and coordination across organizations that tend to purchase and deploy technology in silos," said Nick Woodruff, Chief Strategy Officer of RII. "The stakeholders – countries, branches, departments – require a common operating picture, access to the same accurate data, and collaboration and workflow tools to drive speed and efficiency. The goal of PRIISM is to stop forcing these organizations to recreate the wheel in advance of every operation and deliver the common functionality they need to quickly get on the same page and deliver faster capability to the field at a fraction of the cost."

The PRIISM Decision Advantage Platform offers a suite of capability sets that span the C2 lifecycle and can be customized for the unique needs of joint operations missions:

  • Information Advantage - Stay ahead of threats in any information environment using flexible, versatile frameworks that quickly adapt to operational challenges, allowing teams to sense, make sense, and act on authoritative and publicly available data. Bring U.S. military, adversary, partner, and ally data together alongside key political, and economic, information for an advanced common operating picture. Dissect intricate cyber challenges to safeguard mission-critical operations and understand their broader national security impacts to inform action plans.

  • Accelerated Planning - Reduce the 24-month planning cycle to 24 days. Integrate plans at all levels to rapidly deliver and visualize information in one location for team buy-in and informed decision-making. Leverage composable workspaces and domain-specific workflows to evaluate and analyze plans on a national and global scale in peacetime and crisis. Seamlessly establish connections within plans for enhanced visualization, coordination, and evaluation across disparate activities with superior data fusion, enrichment, and machine-enabled correlation and analysis for decision advantage.

  • Integrated Targeting - AI-powered workflows streamline thousands of hours of targeting coordination to mere minutes. Align targeting operations across echelons and integrate decentralized activities for continuity across domains, functions, and interagency and multinational partners. Enhance coordination across pivotal command and control nodes to seamlessly span every phase of the targeting cycle, empowering teams to decide, deter, deliver, and assess faster for agile decision-making across the joint force.

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