Prosci Launches New Change Management Generative AI Tool

Scott McAllister, Chief Executive Officer at Prosci
Scott McAllister, Chief Executive Officer at Prosci

(US and Canada) Prosci, the global leader in change management, has launched Kaiya (pronounced "KAI-ya"), the only generative artificial intelligence (AI) tool drawing on Prosci's extensive intellectual property (IP) and designed specifically for change management. Built for on-demand use by change practitioners and leaders, the tool leverages Prosci's extensive library of research insight to help save time, scale impact, and accelerate change.

The proliferation of AI is rippling through organizations worldwide, and research shows that strategic use of AI supports organizational success. Change practitioners in particular see the benefit in using AI to drive transformation. A recent Prosci survey found that 65% of change practitioners agree that they will be more successful in their role using AI and 73% of organizations will be more successful overall if they use AI.

"At Prosci, over the last 25+ years we've developed the largest body of knowledge and proprietary research on the discipline of change management available anywhere in the world," said Scott McAllister, Chief Executive Officer at Prosci. "With the introduction of generative AI, we now have the ability to leverage our vast research and content base to equip leaders with an always-on expert AI assistant that helps to accelerate change outcomes."

Kaiya is built to act as an expert change management assistant and thinking partner, providing real-time, plain-language access to insights and solutions for any change initiative. Trained on Prosci's complete library of more than 25 years of research, methodology, expertise, and change leadership, Kaiya draws on the largest body of industry knowledge to provide truly expert guidance in change management. As the only purpose-built change management AI tapping into Prosci's IP, users of Kaiya can unlock the power of research-based change methodology and expertise.

"Kaiya is the culmination of cutting-edge technology and Prosci's comprehensive knowledge base developed over more than two decades," said Tim Creasey, Chief Innovation Officer at Prosci. "Together, those elements create an unparalleled resource to drive efficiency and change success at scale. No matter the question, Kaiya has the right answers, at the right time."

The tool has been built to be easy-to-use and versatile, with an intuitive interface that feels like you're talking to an expert. Users enter their questions or requests and in return, Kaiya can build guided change blueprints, draft key change messages, customize communications for different audiences, develop resistance management tactics, and more. With this level of custom support, Beta users of the tool have reported change planning time being cut by at least 50%, freeing up change practitioners and leaders to focus on the people side of change.

Since January 2024, Kaiya has been in testing with early users, who share that the tool has revolutionized the way they work and a tool they can't imagine working without. With Kaiya by their side, two-hour working sessions turn into painless ten-minute tasks. Now, that capability will be available to all enterprise clients with the launch of Kaiya.

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