OneTrust Joins the IAPP AI Governance Center to Accelerate Responsible AI Innovation

Kabir Barday, Founder and CEO of OneTrust
Kabir Barday, Founder and CEO of OneTrust

(US and Canada) IAPP AI Governance Global 2023 -- OneTrust, the market-defining leader for trust intelligence, today announced it has joined the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) artificial intelligence (AI) Governance Center as a foundational supporter. The IAPP's AI Governance Center (AIGC) helps address the industry's need for qualified, well-trained professionals to ensure AI systems are developed, integrated, and deployed in line with emerging AI laws and policies. As a foundational supporter of the AI Governance Center, OneTrust extends its commitment to ethical and safe AI deployment, providing its world-class products and services focused on governing AI responsibly.

"Becoming an AI Governance Center foundational supporter is a pivotal moment for OneTrust, as it echoes the core values that define our products and services," said Kabir Barday, Founder and CEO of OneTrust. "We both share a strong commitment toward helping organizations innovate using AI responsibly. Our dedication to this partnership highlights our shared values and the common goal of the AI Governance Center's principles."

Building on the success of helping more than 14,000 global companies go beyond compliance to build trust, OneTrust recently introduced AI Governance, a comprehensive solution designed to help organizations inventory, assess, and monitor the wide range of risks associated with AI. As organizations use AI and machine learning (ML) to process large amounts of data and drive innovation, AI Governance provides visibility and control over data used and risks generated by AI models.

Here's why companies like BHG Financial and Vodafone choose OneTrust:

  • AI risk tracking: Be it AI developed in-house or sourced externally from third parties, gain full visibility into associated risks, thereby empowering your teams to make informed decisions.

  • Comprehensive AI governance: Ensure that all AI projects align with organizational values and ethical standards through a unified governance program.

  • Central AI inventory: With a single dashboard, effortlessly access reports such as model cards and risk levels, making it simpler than ever to manage your AI portfolio.

  • Ready-to-use templates: Built by OneTrust Centers of Excellence, leverage pre-made templates to assess and comply with emerging AI laws and frameworks, including the NIST AI Risk Management Framework, the draft EU AI Act, OECD AI Systems Assessment, UK ICO, and ALTAI.

  • MLOps integrations: OneTrust AI Governance integrates seamlessly with top MLOps solutions like Google Vertex, MLflow, Azure ML, and AWS SageMaker so teams can better manage and govern the AI development lifecycle from ideation and experimentation to production and deprecation.

  • Extensive support: Built on top of the Trust Intelligence Platform, the solution is fully compatible with other OneTrust Privacy Management solutions, offering a holistic approach to privacy and third-party risk management.

Embodying AI governance principles

The AI Governance Body of Knowledge establishes a framework that experts agree should guide responsible AI governance and risk management. These principles are reinforced through OneTrust Centers of Excellence and the Trust Intelligence Platform.

The OneTrust Centers of Excellence stand at the forefront of the organization's operations, playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of trust. Each Center of Excellence assembles a cross-functional team of individuals who serve as experts in their respective fields. These experts provide strategic guidance, share best practices, and offer thought leadership. Their collective expertise establishes the framework for supporting thousands of global customers and the broader community.

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