Motorola and Google Cloud Bring Generative AI to New razr Family of Smartphones

Umesh Vemuri, Vice President, Strategic Pursuits, Google Cloud
Umesh Vemuri, Vice President, Strategic Pursuits, Google Cloud

(US and Canada) Motorola and Google Cloud today announced a new multi-year relationship to bring generative AI to Motorola phones, including the brand new series of razr smartphones – starting with the brand new flagship motorola razr+/motorola razr 50 ultra. Moto ai technology – built using Google Cloud Vertex AI, Gemini, and Imagen models – is now deeply integrated across native smartphone applications and brings users an enhanced smartphone experience, including the ability to complete tasks, provide relevant suggestions and reminders, summarize and recall information, and more. Moto ai aims to transform the smartphone experience by becoming context-aware, personal, collaborative and ubiquitous throughout the phone and ecosystem.

"The razr brand is synonymous with innovation, and we are thrilled to have partnered with Google to deliver innovative generative AI solutions to our consumers," said Dan Dery, Vice President, AI, Ecosystem and Internet Services, Motorola. "Moto ai empowers users to intuitively create content, personalize their device, obtain the information they seek, and accomplish more in less time – all made possible by Google's most advanced AI."

Moto ai is present in devices today and can be found everywhere from the camera to battery to display and device performance. The strategic relationship between Mototola and Google Cloud has produced two main features to date:

  • Magic Canvas: Creates images from your imagination, turning descriptions into graphics that can be used in messages, on social media, as wallpapers, and more.

  • Style Sync: Syncs your phone's look to your personal style by creating wallpapers and themes that match your outfits.

Moto ai learns as you interact with it, and will also add new features over time such as the ability to deliver a prioritized summary of personal communications, transcribe and summarize conversations, and remember important information from those conversations and recall it later on demand.

"Motorola has a long history of making innovative devices that make people's lives easier and more fun," said Umesh Vemuri, Vice President, Strategic Pursuits, Google Cloud. "The latest lineup of razr smartphones applies the power of Google's AI models in creative and practical ways that raise the bar for how smartphones can act as helpful companions for users across the globe."

Moto ai, using Google Cloud AI technology, is available on the new lineup of razr phones, including the new razr+/motorola razr 50 ultra flagship phone which is available starting today in select countries within Latin American and Europe and available for pre-order in North America, India and select countries in Asia Pacific in the coming weeks.

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