Macrometa Launches PhotonIQ, AI Services at the Edge

Chetan Venkatesh, CEO at Macrometa
Chetan Venkatesh, CEO at Macrometa

Macrometa, a leading provider of a global edge cloud, today announced the launch of PhotonIQ, a suite of edge services designed to deliver faster, more efficient and more secure digital experiences in eCommerce, Gaming, Financial Services, and more.

PhotonIQ leverages both Macrometa's unmatched Global Data Network (GDN) that delivers data and compute to two billion people and 10 billion devices around the world, and the latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. These real-time AI services enable companies to boost website performance and improve Lighthouse scores, enhance user experiences in search and personalization, and improve security and reliability for high traffic spikes, among other benefits. PhotonIQ works with existing CDNs like Akamai to improve the performance of dynamic data and applications. Enterprises can implement PhotonIQ's AI at the edge services in 60 days or less.

PhotonIQ is a game-changer," said Chetan Venkatesh, CEO at Macrometa. "It harnesses the might of Machine Learning and real-time AI to drastically improve website performance, delivering lightning-fast, intuitive interactions straight from the edge—bypassing current cloud limitations. Imagine a digital world where websites don't just respond but anticipate your needs, creating truly personalized experiences that captivate. But that's not all – PhotonIQ also brings groundbreaking security capabilities to filter out bots and low-quality traffic, making the digital realm safer and more efficient for everyone. This is the future of online interaction, and it starts today with the launch of PhotonIQ!"

PhotonIQ's services can be used together, or as standalone managed solutions, with additional PhotonIQ services expected to launch within the next year. Current Macrometa PhotonIQ services include:

  • PhotonIQ Performance Proxy (P3) - Improves web performance and Core Web Vitals. Optimizes assets like images, CSS and JavaScript for faster load times and reduced bandwidth usage.

  • Dynamic Prerendering - Boost site speed, lower origin workloads, and enhance SEO by serving pre-rendered static HTML pages or render on-demand.

  • Virtual Waiting Rooms - Manages and prioritizes visitor access to digitally "line up" traffic entering high-demand sites beyond FIFO or lottery. Advanced customization allows visitor prioritization based on traffic thresholds, CDN alerts, regions, or recognized customer vs bot detection.

  • Digital Fingerprinting - Tracks anonymous shoppers/site visitors across sessions and browsers without cookies to deliver customized experiences while protecting privacy.

Macrometa PhotonIQ's real-time AI and privacy-first approach, and industry-leading 60-Day deployment, provide enterprises a faster path to achieving edge computing benefits across industries such as eCommerce, Media, Finance, and Gaming.

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