Lorica Launches Innovative AI Data Privacy Solution with Industry Leaders at the Helm

Lorica Launches Innovative AI Data Privacy Solution with Industry Leaders at the Helm

(US and Canada) Lorica Cybersecurity, the leader in private artificial intelligence (AI) and a B2B software company that specializes in a new form of encryption technology, today announced the launch of Secure AI, a breakthrough solution that enables AI data processing without compromising privacy or security. With encryption from start to finish, organizations can now fully leverage AI to extract insights from sensitive data sets and collaborate in key fields such as medical research without the risk of data exposure while at rest, in transit and in use.

Data at rest is stored on a device or system; data in transit is moving between devices or networks, like downloads or sending emails; and data in use is actively being processed or accessed by a system or application. Secure AI changes everything because current systems can only protect information at rest or in transit, but Secure AI allows for the encryption and protection of user data and inferences throughout the data lifecycle.

This means Secure AI can, for example, analyze medical records and sensitive health data, including patient information, genomics, and clinical trial results, while maintaining strict confidentiality at all times. For the financial services industry, Secure AI can help institutions protect user data during transactions and identify fraud and anti-money laundering threats. This combination allows for enhanced data security and improved monitoring capabilities to combat illicit financial activities.

Secure AI also addresses the security implications of advancing technologies such as quantum computing. While quantum computing has the potential to solve complex problems at an unprecedented speed and scale, revolutionizing industries such as AI, finance, and drug discovery, that same speed and scale can be applied to the calculations needed to defeat encryption. This is a direct threat to current security methods.

"The looming 'quantum event horizon' poses an existential threat to existing encryption standards, as the speed and capacity of quantum processing render many current commercially important encryption methods breakable," says Glenn Gulak, Lorica Co-Founder. "This critical juncture demands a game-changing solution, and no other offering on the market today matches Lorica's ability to enhance AI capabilities while ensuring complete privacy and security."

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