Geotab Ace Generative AI Assistant Kicks off Early Adopter Program with Enhanced Capabilities

Sylvia MacPherson, National Unicorn Leader, Microsoft Canada
Sylvia MacPherson, National Unicorn Leader, Microsoft Canada

(US and Canada) Geotab, a global leader in connected transportation solutions, has announced the roll-out of its Early Adopters Program for Geotab Ace (Geotab's new Generative AI assistant), which began on May 7, 2024.

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Sylvia MacPherson, National Unicorn Leader, Microsoft Canada

Following its unveiling earlier in the year, Geotab Ace has seen further refinement, with Geotab's team putting a strong emphasis on further enhancing response insights and introducing new capabilities, such as an understanding of advanced engine diagnostics.

"Navigating through the world of generative AI has been a learning-rich experience. As we continue evolving, our focus remains on building upon what we've learned to ensure that we continue offering trusted insights for our customers," said Mike Branch, VP of Data and Analytics at Geotab. "The early adopters program is just the beginning, and we are thrilled about the value Ace promises and are looking forward to observing the positive impact it will have on the industry."

The development of Ace was made possible through a strategic collaboration with Microsoft, using Microsoft Azure's robust cloud infrastructure to create a reliable and forward-thinking product with Azure OpenAI Service.

"We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Geotab in the development of Geotab Ace. Our work together is driven by a shared commitment to innovation, with Geotab's advanced fleet solutions contributing to safer, more sustainable, and efficient roadways," Sylvia MacPherson, National Unicorn Leader, Microsoft Canada.

As Geotab continues their collaborative efforts with Microsoft, this program sets the stage for the continuous improvement of fleet management practices and driving down time-to-insight—from performance and operations to safety and sustainability—through reliable and accessible data insights. Geotab Ace processes vast quantities of data to offer predictive and benchmarking insights, making complex information manageable and insightful, which in turn facilitates the optimization of costs and overall fleet performance.

Geotab Ace optimizes the user's experience by providing tailored responses based on the operational specifics of their fleet. It goes beyond providing raw data, interpreting inquiries with precision and presenting its findings in an accessible manner.

In a data-driven age, the integrity and security of information remain a critical priority. Designed with a commitment to privacy and security protocols, Geotab Ace ensures user data is safely handled within Geotab's own secure environment, reinforcing trust and safeguarding the value of the insights delivered. In line with its launch of Geotab Ace, the company recently released its Responsible AI Guide, highlighting the unique challenges posed by the development of Ace and how Geotab mitigated and learned from them.

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