Game-changing Insights at This Year’s Women Leaders in Data and AI Summit

Game-changing Insights at This Year’s Women Leaders in Data and AI Summit

(US and Canada) Luminaries from various fields convened at Accenture in New York for the WLDA event on November 9. Titled “2023 WLDA Summit: AI Beyond Boundaries: Exploring the Future of Artificial Intelligence," the think tank sessions were a deep dive into the future, with the brightest minds exploring crucial topics.

The topic of “Operationalizing AI” was unpacked by Chevron Chief Data Officer Ellen Nielsen and Maria Villar, Head of Enterprise Data Strategy and Transformation at SAP. Meanwhile, ethical and responsible AI discussions led by Natalie Heisler, Managing Director, Responsible AI at Accenture, and Dr. Seth Dobrin, Founder and CEO of Qantm AI, sparked profound contemplation.

The pulse of AI in various industries resonated through Accenture’s CDO and Global Generative AI Lead (Life Sciences) Tracy Ring and Global Banking Data and Al Lead Keri Smith's engaging discourse. This was followed by Lee Barrett, Managing Director - North America Data and AI Advisory Lead, Accenture, and Yvonne Li, Advance Auto Parts VP of Enterprise AI, Data Engineering, and Decision Science, expanding on the strategies for scaling AI.

The session on the “Transformative Power of Gen AI,” guided by Accenture’s Chaitanya Geddam (Managing Director) and Jeff Kaminski (Managing Director - Northeast Data & AI Advisory Practice Lead), and Nancy Morgan, CEO and Owner of Ellis Morgan Enterprises, was an eye-opener and a true beacon for the future.

Visit https://wlda.tech for more details.

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