Evolv AI Uses Active Learning Capabilities to Fuel Generative AI Product Features - Now Open to the Public

Michael Scharff, co-founder of Evolv AI
Michael Scharff, co-founder of Evolv AI

(US and Canada) Evolv AI, the creator of the world's leading intelligent digital experience optimization and personalization platform, unveiled three groundbreaking generative AI features to its core platform throughout the summer of 2023. These innovations are driven by Evolv AI's commitment to using active learning, which aims to automate the design thinking process and close the loop on AI-led experimentation, allowing businesses to take control of the entire experimentation process — streamlining the journey from idea inception to delivering intelligent, personalized digital experiences.

With the power of generative AI added to its experimentation platform, Evolv AI aids brands and agencies in achieving substantial and sustainable digital transformation, ultimately leading to elevated customer satisfaction through heightened creativity and a commitment to maintaining high-quality personalization standards through improved experimentation.

After a successful beta release this summer, the following features increased testing velocity for customers, enabling them to conduct six years' worth of experimentation in less than three months. These features are now open to all Evolv AI customers:


Description-to-design enables businesses to modify any HTML (or CSS and HTML) property of their website, including styles, layout, visibility, and more, using a single text prompt.

Text Paraphrasing

Text paraphrasing generates variations of existing copy or creates net new copy from prompts for alternate versions of CTAs, headlines, product descriptions, and more, for faster experimentation.

AI Image Design

AI image design enables teams to create, crop, and resize unique images for digital experiences, all within Evolv AI's UI.

"Evolv AI is working to automate the entire design thinking process, from understanding consumers' needs, to defining common problems, to ideating, creating, deploying, and optimizing solutions that impact customer behavior and drive business outcomes," said Tyler Foster, president and CTO of Evolv AI. "Our recent product launches have enabled brands to accelerate time to value with experimentation while minimizing the risks of traditional CRO and A/B testing."

Evolv AI will soon be releasing its next iteration of active learning, a feature that not only enables brands to more quickly develop, deploy, and optimize experiments, but will also recommend the next best actions for a fully automated experimentation program. Evolv AI's active learning framework will give businesses a significant competitive advantage and usher in a fundamental shift in the paradigm of digital experience design.

"Our focus on generative AI and a fully automated experimentation program is a long-term strategic initiative, emphasizing our commitment helping brands deliver exceptional user experiences at every engagement," said Michael Scharff, co-founder of Evolv AI.

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