Electric Vehicle Consortium Unveils Groundbreaking Real-World EV Performance Data for Fleets

Mike Nowak, President at Utilimarc
Mike Nowak, President at Utilimarc

(US and Canada) The Electric Vehicle Consortium (EVC), powered by Utilimarc, announced a significant advancement in the understanding of real-world electric vehicle (EV) performance in fleet operations. This initiative moves beyond the conventional discussions of sustainability and environmental impact, focusing squarely on the tangible, day-to-day operational performance of EVs in a fleet setting.

"The industry has been lacking real-world data that is immensely critical to operations today," said Mike Nowak, President at Utilimarc. "There are a lot of mandates and orders to electrify, and fleet managers need to be able to know more about the performance and evaluation of this new technology."

Unprecedented insights into EV performance

The consortium's cornerstone is a community of forward-thinking fleet managers and analysts, fostering hands-on learning opportunities and collaborative discussion surrounding EV data. The EVC's latest findings provide organizations and industry stakeholders with an unparalleled view of EV performance metrics. Key focal areas include:

  • True EV Reliability

  • Maintenance Cost Comparisons

  • Utilization Patterns

  • Charging Infrastructure Efficiency

  • Sustainability Goals Progression

A Data-Driven Approach to Fleet Management

The Consortium emphasizes a data-driven methodology, pooling vast amounts of operational and charging data from member fleets. This collaborative approach ensures a more substantial and statistically reliable data set, enabling more accurate and actionable insights for fleet managers trying to become more proactive in advancing their electrification and sustainability strategies for their organizations.

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