Data Observability Platform Pantomath Fuels Growth with New Market Expansion

[L-R] Somesh Saxena, Paul Walker
[L-R] Somesh Saxena, Paul Walker

Within just a couple of years from its genesis, data pipeline observability and traceability platform Pantomath has managed to be categorized as one of the fastest growing startups in the U.S. while partnering with some of the largest Fortune 500 companies globally.

Somesh Saxena, who founded Pantomath in 2022, highlights that this success is due to the unique solution Pantomath offers in an otherwise crowded data observability space.

“Pantomath’s focus on monitoring not just data at rest but also data in motion with automated real-time alerts and the ability to troubleshoot data issues with a unique view into the end-to-end data pipeline, enables us to truly solve the data reliability problem with actionable alerts as opposed to simply highlighting a symptom,” Saxena tells CDO Magazine.

Before starting his entrepreneurial journey as Pantomath’s Founder and CEO, Saxena, was the Head of Data and Analytics at GE Aerospace supporting 18,000 data consumers through his 100+ person organization. He led multiple programs at the company, including enterprise data and analytics, self-service data, big data, data governance and robotic process automation, giving him unique insights into the problems and challenges encountered by data teams in large enterprises.

Saxena saw several Fortune 500 organizations struggle with data reliability issues leading to bottom line impact and lack of trust in data. He founded Pantomath soon after he realized that the complex and nuanced problem needed an automated SaaS solution. Pantomath helps enterprises gain insights into their cross-platform and intersystem data pipelines in order to better monitor data in motion and at rest with automated real-time alerts. 

The startup’s solution automates data operations saving productivity for data teams and enables companies to be more data driven with trustworthy and reliable data.

The company raised a US$ 14 million Series A led by Silicon-Valley-based Sierra Ventures in September last year. The startup has also grown 4X in size and has recruited a new go-to-market (GTM) team to further boost sales and land new customers.

Pantomath monitors the end-to-end data ecosystem

In today’s complex digital landscape, observability solutions have become foundational to a successful data strategy. With the exponential growth of data and the increasing complexity of systems and applications, businesses face a pressing need to gain deep insights into their operations.

“By creating automated cross-platform technical pipeline lineage, Pantomath provides context to complex data pipelines. Whether it's data quality and data-at-rest incidents or operational data-in-motion incidents, our ML-driven platform allows users to detect and resolve data issues in real-time, preventing any potential business impact,” Saxena stressed.

Pantomath also makes troubleshooting easy with end-to-end cross-platform technical lineage and aggregated logs, streamlining operations and saving productivity. Moreover, automated root-cause analysis helps resolve issues, minimizing data downtime, while automated impact analysis helps prevent poor decision-making with bad data, eliminating any possible business impact.

What sets Pantomath apart is that its competitors primarily focus on data quality, monitoring data-at-rest, issues such as data volume and freshness in datasets, which according to Saxena is only a piece of the puzzle.

Pantomath on the other hand, “continuously monitors both data at rest and job-related operational data in motion issues in real-time that make up a data pipeline across different data platforms, all with the context of the data pipeline(s) those jobs and datasets are a part of, so users know exactly what is broken, where it's broken, and why it's broken.”

“It enables observability and traceability across the entire data pipeline to ensure real-time resolution of both data quality incidents and job-related operational incidents,” says Saxena.

Moreover, he adds that unlike other data observability solutions that are simply a “check engine light” for their users, Pantomath acts as a problem-solving diagnostics tool that gives car mechanics the instant root cause of the issue and enables faster time to resolution.

New go-to-market team

In today’s fast-paced world, a proficient go-to-market team serves as the backbone for the success of new technology companies. Much of Pantomath’s recent success is also credited to the company’s new go-to-market team, according to Saxena.

Pantomath’s Director of Sales, Paul Walker tells CDO Magazine "After nearly 8 years in the data space, I am excited to join a company like Pantomath that is pushing the boundaries in the data market. Pantomath solves the pipeline observability and traceability problem that came up constantly in past discussions with clients and before now, there was no automated way to rectify these data issues. On the go-to-market front, we have brought together a very experienced team from companies like IBM, Informatica, BigID and Alation that truly care about solving this critical data problem to make our clients successful."

Utilizing the team’s vast experience in Silicon Valley, the company is expecting to fuel further growth and position it as a market leader in the data observability space.

Success with current customers

Pantomath’s capabilities have also been widely praised by enterprises leveraging them, for instance, Rob Brichler, Chief Technology Officer at financial services company Lendly says that Pantomath's end-to-end observability across the entire data stack has significantly reduced data downtime and increased trust in data at his company.

Similarly, Paul Bessire, Chief Data Officer at Coterie Insurance mentions, “Data reliability is a major issue for enterprise businesses and startups alike. Most successful businesses derive their advantages through data, making healthy data pipelines critical for success. Pantomath solves this problem head on through its innovative product.”

In a similar vein, Rick Huff, Chief Information Officer of human capital management platform Paycor, says that his company chose Pantomath due to its “one-of-its-kind platform that auto-discovers our data assets, visualizing these relationships in real-time” across the company’s ecosystem.

“Pantomath provides end-to-end traceability, which enables our teams to focus on building new solutions instead of getting mired down in operational tasks. Pantomath enables significant productivity savings while ensuring our data is reliable and trustworthy,” Huff concludes.

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