Bluescape Streamlines Generative AI Workflows with Enhanced API Updates

Peter Jackson, Bluescape CEO
Peter Jackson, Bluescape CEO

(US and Canada) Bluescape, a visual collaboration platform for creative ideation, planning, and decision-making, today announced its enhanced API, enabling any developer to build streamlined workflows for generative AI. These additions address the critical need to consolidate multiple tasks and applications into a unified experience, accelerating the creation, curation, and selection of generative AI imagery.

"We're empowering developers to seamlessly consolidate complex, multi-step workflows and diverse applications into a unified, secure, and collaborative hub for generative AI innovation," said Peter Jackson, Bluescape CEO. "Working closely with customers to address security and governance apprehensions, our platform offers them the freedom to tailor and establish their own standards in a Bring Your Own (BYO) approach, ensuring a solution that scales to their needs."

Designed for developers, Bluescape's API is a robust, extensible architecture to create bespoke workflows in a virtual workspace. The API supports round-trip exchange of data, files, and metadata between Bluescape workspaces and external sources including digital asset management systems and cloud storage including Box, Adobe Experience Manager Assets, and AWS.

"Bluescape is not just a collaboration tool; it is a springboard for innovation," said Rupen Chandra, CTO and SVP of Engineering at Bluescape. "We are excited to share what's possible with the Bluescape API including model training with Amazon Rekognition and Bedrock, Large Language Model (LLM) chat to generate superior prompts, and the ability to curate and send collections of images directly to Box."

Bluescape will be premiering these innovations and more on November 17th at the Henry Stewart Creative Operations Los Angeles 2023 event.

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