Arize: Observe To Gather Top Minds In Generative AI for Day of Learning

Jason Lopatecki, CEO and Co-Founder of Arize AI
Jason Lopatecki, CEO and Co-Founder of Arize AI

(US and Canada) Arize AI, a pioneer and market leader in AI observability and large language model (LLM) evaluation, announced an action-packed agenda and speaker roster for the company's annual conference today.

Now open for registration, Arize:Observe kicks off in-person on July 11th at Shack 15 in San Francisco's iconic Ferry Building. Event sponsors include Microsoft – which is presenting the Builder's Track – as well as Battery Ventures, Cerebral Valley, Modelbit, MindsDB, PromptLayer, and Swift Ventures.

The event comes at a critical inflection point for the industry. Although enterprises are racing to deploy foundation models, barriers remain that stand in the way of reliable production deployments. Arize:Observe aims to help AI engineers achieve breakthroughs with generative AI systems in the real world.

Tracks include:

  • AI Builders Guild: Hands-on sessions offer pragmatic experience on innovative open-source tools and evaluation methodologies.

  • AI Research Frontiers: Cutting-edge research, emerging techniques, and theoretical advancements.

  • AI Innovators: Real world use cases, challenges in deploying products, and scaling of AI across organizations; industry-specific considerations to navigate the complexities of enterprise AI deployment.

Presenters include prominent foundation model creators, popular open source LLMOps tool developers, and AI researchers. Speakers hail from OpenAI, Anthropic, Google (Gemini team), Meta AI (Llama team), Microsoft (AutoGen and Phi-2 teams), Mistral, LlamaIndex, PromptLayer, TripAdvisor, Lowe's, NATO, Wayfair, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and others.

"We put a lot of thought into building an event that offers both cutting edge learning on research and pragmatic, helpful workshops. We believe Arize:Observe is a must-attend for any AI engineer that wants to move past the tinkering or toy phase," says Jason Lopatecki, CEO and Co-Founder of Arize AI.

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