(US & Canada) VIDEO | Presenting Data Logically and Truthfully Is Satisfying — NC Department of Health and Human Services – Systems Analyst and Team Lead

Dr. Joe Perez, Systems Analyst and Team Lead at the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, speaks with Bill Sullivan, VP and General Manager at Denodo, in a video interview about his early life, education, professional journey, and transitioning into technology.

Growing up near the airport in the town of Sanford in Florida, Perez recalls that the close exposure to aircraft played a part in fueling his technical interest. He states that every child in the late 60s wanted to grow up to be an astronaut, and he was no different.

When asked about the military, he expresses his love for it and has family members who have served. Moreover, Perez mentions publishing a military newsletter every month and being involved in the military ministry of his church. He completed his undergraduate education from Carolina University (formerly Tennessee Temple University) and then he pursued a Master’s degree in Education at Freedom University. He later got a doctoral degree in education from there.

Transitioning from education to technology has been a natural progression, says Perez. Elaborating, he states that in the last few years as an educator, he took on jobs of a technical nature.

This eventually became “more than just a way to stay ahead in paying bills,” says Perez, as he often worked to resolve issues and improve efficiencies, and implement ideas for clients. With the nature of work becoming increasingly complex, he better leveraged his education and honed his technical skills.

Moving forward, Perez states that he morphed into technology after getting a job as a Computer Consultant at NC State University. He notes that it was a true blending of his two great loves – education and technology.

Eventually, Perez rose through the ranks at NC State University from being a Computer Training Manager, to Analyst Programmer, and then finishing up as Business Intelligence Specialist. In his roles, he not only led teams and designed educational programs but also educated key stakeholders about multifaceted data and the insights that could be derived.

In conclusion, Perez finds it satisfying to present the data in a logical, truthful, and visually compelling manner. He maintains that his educational background provided him with the unique perspective to effectively bridge that gap between technical expertise and human understanding.

CDO Magazine appreciates Dr. Joe Perez for sharing his journey with our global community.

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