(US & Canada) | Reflecting on What Has Been Done Is Critical to Move Forward — Sensata Technologies Sr. Director, GSO, Data and IT Shared Services

Yogesh Bhardwaj, Senior Director of GSO, Data, and IT Shared Services at Sensata Technologies, speaks with leadership coach and keynote speaker Cory Carlson in a video interview about self-reflection and fostering an organizational culture of communication.

Sensata Technologies is a global leader in sensing, electrical protection, and power management. It offers end-to-end solutions for electrification, industrial, aftermarket, and air mobility applications.

To show up in his best self, Bhardwaj swears by a routine that includes morning meditation and family dinner. He says that meditation helps him reenergize himself and having healthy family time is a big plus.

On the professional front, Bhardwaj has his calendar blocked for 30 minutes a day, and he utilizes that time to reflect on the day. He notes that reflecting on what has been done is critical to moving forward and it enables better perspectives and outcomes.

As a leader, another practice that Bhardwaj follows is checking in on a peer or mentor from previous professions to hear what they have been up to and learn from them. He maintains that this develops warmth in a relationship, and people are always ready to help if one can ask for it.

From an organizational standpoint, Bhardwaj states that Sensata Technologies has an excellent culture. To foster that culture further, he carries out extended staff meetings and one-on-ones and embraces the open-door policy.

Additionally, Bhardwaj shares that he does many of the one-on-ones outside of office premises. He believes that this approach helps build good work relationships.

In conclusion, Bhardwaj states that having an open conversation is critical, both in personal and professional spaces.

CDO Magazine appreciates Yogesh Bhardwaj for sharing his leadership insights with our global community.

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