Wavicle Data Solutions Appoints Beverly Wright as VP of Data Science and AI

Beverly Wright, Wavicle Data Solutions VP of Data Science and AI
Beverly Wright, Wavicle Data Solutions VP of Data Science and AI

(US and Canada) Cloud, data, and analytics consulting firm Wavicle Data Solutions has recently appointed Beverly Wright as VP of Data Science and AI. Wright concurrently holds the position of Academic Program Director for Data Science at the University of Georgia.

In addition to her professional roles, Wright operates a non-profit leveraging data science for community betterment, addressing critical issues such as human trafficking, opioid addiction, mental health, and other social causes. Hosting the TAG Data Talk podcast through the Technology Association of Georgia, she engages in discussions with industry experts on talent, tools, trends, and techniques in the fields of data science and AI.

Wright holds a Ph.D. in Marketing Science, a Master of Science degree in Analytical Methods, and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Decision Sciences. She also has Professional Research Certification from the Marketing Research Association, is a Certified Analytics Professional from INFORMS, and actively contributes to academic research through publications in multiple business journals and conference proceedings.

“I am excited and honored to have been chosen as the new VP of Data Science and AI at Wavicle Data Solutions. My career has been an incredible journey, and I’ve tried to surround myself with ethical, innovative, creative leaders from industry and academia with expertise in analytics, data science, and now more than ever, AI. I’m looking forward to working on oversight and delivery of hashtag#DataScience and hashtag#AI products, initiatives, and strategy-based work,” Wright wrote in her LinkedIn post.

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