Sambla Group Elevates Manuel Esteban Rodriguez to Chief Data Officer Role

Manuel Esteban Rodriguez, Sambla Group Chief Data Officer Role
Manuel Esteban Rodriguez, Sambla Group Chief Data Officer Role

(EMEA) Fintech company Sambla Group has recently elevated Manuel Esteban Rodriguez to Chief Data Officer from his previous role as Head of Data. Sambla specializes in providing online loan comparison services, connecting consumers with various lending options from different financial institutions.

Rodriguez is a highly-focused Marketing Director with a decade of experience in the realm of transactional digital e-commerce and analytical ecosystems. With a remarkable career spanning three continents, he has orchestrated brands' global deployments while skillfully coordinating sales and marketing strategies across diverse industries such as online gaming, internet and e-commerce, insurance, transportation, and commercial banking.

A seasoned data engineer, Rodriguez holds a distinguished record in designing and implementing comprehensive marketing solutions, encompassing online marketing, e-commerce, data warehouses, and business intelligence applications.

“Reflecting on my eight months in Sambla Group, I am filled with gratitude for the experiences, challenges, and growth that I've encountered. I am grateful for the support of colleagues who've been instrumental in my journey and onboarding, Petr Royce, Per Österström, Adam Ryman, Martin Hargel, Adam Svenson, Lovisa Ekström and everyone in the SG family,” Rodriguez shares in a Linkedin post.

Adding, “I firmly believe that with the incredible team, we have at Sambla Group, we will continue to push boundaries, leverage data insights, and drive strategic initiatives that will shape the future of consumer loans.”

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