Lloyd’s Appoints Cassandra Vukorep as Chief Data Officer

Cassandra Vukorep, Lloyd’s Chief Data Officer
Cassandra Vukorep, Lloyd’s Chief Data Officer

(EMEA) London-based insurance marketplace Lloyd’s has recently appointed Cassandra Vukorep as Chief Data Officer. Vukorep possesses a wealth of experience spanning various industries, including wealth management, insurance, IT, and the Oil & Gas sector.

Prior to joining Lloyd's, Vukorep was the Head of London Specialty at NTT Data. With a commitment to continuous learning, she has augmented her expertise with an MBA earned from a prestigious business school in the UK.

This extensive professional journey has established Vukorep as a subject matter expert in several domains, including front-end insurance operations, IT vendor strategy, and the management of large-scale digital transformation initiatives. Her in-depth knowledge and problem-solving capabilities have been instrumental in delivering innovative solutions to her clients.

Vukorep's unwavering drive, determination, and entrepreneurial acumen have positioned her as a professional who comprehends the far-reaching consequences of decisions in an organization. Her ability to assess the holistic impact of these decisions from end to end has enabled her to make choices that ultimately benefit a corporation's bottom line. Vukorep's holistic approach to her work sets her apart as a true value-driven professional in her field.

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