Lenovo Appoints Doug Fisher as Chief Security and AI Officer

Doug Fisher, Lenovo Chief Security and AI Officer
Doug Fisher, Lenovo Chief Security and AI Officer

(US and Canada) Lenovo has announced Doug Fisher’s expanded role as Lenovo’s Chief Security and AI Officer, reporting to Lenovo’s CEO. In his newly expanded role, Fisher will lead Lenovo’s AI governance by championing the organization’s AI Policy and working alongside its Responsible AI Committee.

“Security and privacy are two of our top priorities as we lead innovation and transformation in the age of AI,” Fisher recently shared. “Lenovo’s AI Policy ensures that our customers, partners, and the broader community can trust the AI solutions we provide.”

At its core, the policy aims to support the most important pillars of responsible AI at Lenovo:

  • Lenovo will not use AI in ways that harm people or put them or their rights at risk.

  • Lenovo will ensure that its AI is fair, transparent, explainable, and efficient.

  • Lenovo will protect people’s privacy at all stages of the AI lifecycle.

Lenovo’s AI will be developed and used with robust security protections. The company has already aligned itself to proactively demonstrate responsibility and accountability in the AI space, committing to the Canadian Government’s Voluntary Commitment to Responsible, Ethical Generative AI; UNESCO’s Commitment to and Recommendation on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence; and the Cercle InterElles Commitment to Responsible and Gender-Equitable Artificial Intelligence.

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