Denniston Data Announces Phil LeFevre as VP of Business Development

Phil LeFevre, Denniston Data VP of Business Development
Phil LeFevre, Denniston Data VP of Business Development

(US and Canada) Healthcare analytics company Denniston Data DDI announces Phil LeFevre, as Vice President of Business Development. LeFevre is former VP of MCG Health and Managing Director at ODG.

As VP of Business Development for DDI, LeFevre is responsible for sales, partner strategy, and account management, growing the footprint of DDI's suite of solutions, including Provider Ranking System™ (PRS) and Healthcare Pricing Guide™ (HPG). PRS and HPG deliver transparency in physician quality and medical pricing for providers, payers, and member applications using objective, data-driven methodology leveraging claims data and newly available Transparency in Coverage (TiC) files.

He spent the last seven years successfully managing the merging of ODG into MCG Health following the acquisition by Hearst. His tenure of over 23 years with ODG included leadership roles in sales, account management, marketing, government/regulatory, and product development. LeFevre joined ODG in 2000 as an Account Representative following graduation from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a bachelor's degree in economics.

Under Phil's leadership at MCG, ODG developed three unique product tracks, workers' compensation, disability, and auto injury.

"With the successful integration of ODG into MCG, I am thrilled to begin a new chapter, reuniting with the team at DDI," said Phil LeFevre. "While my title is business development, the most unique about my approach is that, like at ODG, I  marry that work to the product side. Our best ideas often come from sales meetings with customers where we can identify challenges and the problems that need solving. We then take those sticking points back to the product team to fit our solutions to the customer, rather than trying to sell the prospect on anything different."

Joining DDI reunites LeFevre with the ODG founders, Phil Denniston (CEO at DDI) and Patricia Whelan (CFO/COO) who passed the leadership role to LeFevre on acquisition by Hearst.

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