BMW Group UK Promotes David Cox as Chief Data Officer

David Cox as Chief Data Officer for the UK
David Cox as Chief Data Officer for the UK

(EMEA) German auto giant BMW Group has recently promoted David Cox as Chief Data Officer for the UK. Cox is a seasoned leader with an impressive track record, boasting over two decades of experience in the realm of delivering digital solutions.

Starting in 2014, he has been working with BMW Group for close to eight years. He has worked with organizations like Oracle, Fujitsu, and Xicon Cloud in the past.

One of Cox's standout strengths lies in his adeptness at steering multiple concurrent business transformation programs and projects. This multifaceted skill is complemented by his innate ability to interface with key stakeholders effectively, persuading them to embrace the product strategy and align it with their high-level business strategy.

Furthermore, Cox excels in establishing robust project governance, maintaining meticulous risk management practices, and exercising tight financial control over projects. He is not only a manager but a true leader, consistently inspiring and motivating multi-disciplinary teams to achieve their best.

Cox's skills extend beyond the corporate domain into Relationship Building and Customer Focus, two cornerstones of his professional persona. His ability to influence, negotiate, and gain buy-in from a diverse array of stakeholders is a testament to his exceptional interpersonal skills.

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