Unlocking the Power of AI, ML, and NLP: Real Use Cases and Practical Applications

ChatGPT and large language models represent the forefront of generative Artificial Intelligence, driving transformative changes in various industries, particularly through the integration of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Early adopters have experienced the profound impact of these technologies on their business processes.

However, as organizations consider the adoption of these advanced AI models, what should CISOs, CROs, and CCOs ask themselves and their potential vendors to ensure a successful transition?


  • Adam Frumkin, Franklin County Data Center, CIO

  • Bryan Holmes, Andelyn Biosciences, Vice President, Digital & Technology Solutions

  • Ramu Lingala, Liberty Mutual Insurance, VP of Technology

  • Hari Palakkal, EVERSANA, VP CoEs and Enterprise Applications

  • Lacey Picazo, ZoCo Design, Founder & CEO


  • Dave Fordham, ProcessUnity, Director Partners and Alliances

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