Securing IT in 2024: Using Identity Governance to Strengthen Your Organization Against Cyber Incidents

In many organizations, identity and access governance (IAG) takes a back seat to everyday identity operations. New employees need to be onboarded quickly. Groups must be created or modified to provide timely access to resources. New applications need to be deployed and access to them configured quickly. Who has time to review all these moving parts to determine if they’re still needed or perhaps could have fewer privileges?

Threat actors have the time, that’s who. Most cyberattacks today begin with identity compromise, and more than 90% continue by compromising the core Active Directory identity system to gain control of your infrastructure.

This panel discusses IAG challenges such as:

  • How governance and privileged access works in organizations with disparate user populations

  • The role of identity governance in resisting identity compromise and identity-focused cyberattacks

  • The challenges in implementing a zero trust architecture in established on-premises networks


  • Rich Nagle, The Ohio State University, AVP, CISO

  • Orlando Sprockel, Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, Director, Information Technology

  • Tom Van Winkle, Bread Financial, Vice President, Technology and Operations / Head of Technology Infrastructure and Operations


  • Sean Deuby, Semperis, Principal Technologist

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