(US & Canada) | Any Team Is Incomplete Without Proper Representation — Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Data and Analytics AVP

Bhavna Mehta, AVP Data and Analytics at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, speaks with Asha Saxena, Founder and CEO of WLDA.Tech, in a video interview about the value women leaders bring to organizations and the value of networking opportunities created by organizations like WLDA.

Sharing from her experiences of the value women leaders bring to any organization Mehta says that, women leaders, or women in general, are important everywhere when looking at something from the viewpoint of inclusion.

Mehta opines that both men and women have their strengths and offer different perspectives. She stresses that any team is incomplete without proper representation which brings along the diversity of thought and perspective.

Further speaking about the WLDA community, Mehta agrees that the organization has brought about great networking opportunities, helping her learn and share practical experiences with others in the space. She further adds that the access to practical advice via WLDA regarding challenges and rapid industry developments has been highly valuable to her.

CDO Magazine appreciates Bhavna Mehta for sharing her invaluable data insights with our global community.

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