(US & Canada) | Robotics Will See Exponential Growth in the Commercial Sector — DataShapes CEO and Founder

Dr. Logan Selby, CEO and Founder of DataShapes speaks with Katya Mijatovic, Principal Data Scientist at Data Society and CDO Magazine Editorial Board Member, about DataShapes’ business, his approach to adopting innovation and developing talent for modern needs.

Mijatovic interviewed Selby on the sidelines of the recently conducted AFCEA CeVA Data Centric Summit.

Selby says that his organization stands for edge processing and is focused on waveform intelligence. It operates in the electronic warfare and signals intelligence world, delivering AI and machine learning capabilities on small and low size, weight, and power devices, to both warfighters and the commercial industry.

Speaking of a highly impactful technology that was implemented in the past decade, Selby mentions AI in general and the improvement in large language models. He adds that it will continue scaling up and supporting a variety of processes throughout different organizations.

When asked about a technology he is looking forward to implementing in the next decade Selby says that he is looking forward to the ubiquitous adoption of autonomous systems. While it is already visible across the defense landscape, he expects exponential growth in the commercial space as well with uses like drone delivery and robotic security.

Next, Selby goes on to share his approach to adopting new technologies. He mentions that DataShapes primarily follows a cost-benefit-analysis approach and investigates capability gaps to understand how to fill them with technology.

He adds that being a smaller company, DataShapes is more agile, and with companies modernizing quickly, it is a lot easier to get technology inserted today. Organizations are in a better place today based on everybody's willingness to adopt innovation, Selby adds.

Responding to Mijatovic’s question about upskilling or recruiting staff, Selby says that he does both - recruiting fresh and also upskilling. In terms of upskilling, he mentions that he tries to upskill not only from a talent and education perspective but also from an experience point of view.

CDO Magazine appreciates Dr. Logan Selby for sharing his insights with our global community.

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