VIDEO | Rappi Colombia Chief AI Officer: Governments Are Realizing the Impact of AI

VIDEO | Rappi Colombia Chief AI Officer: Governments Are Realizing the Impact of AI

(Latin America) Alejandro Correa, Rappi Colombia’s Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer, speaks with Maria Espona, Professor at ArgIQ and CDO Magazine Editorial Board Member, in a video interview about AI in the governmental sphere, implementing artificial intelligence to improve processes, and the need for the whole organization to understand AI as a technology.

Correa says that the application of AI in the governmental sphere is improving. For example, he cites a Colombian government agency using AI to help children find new foster families.

He notes that using AI to improve processes is difficult, adding that most AI implementation projects fail because organizations need to prepare and have the necessary knowledge to integrate the technology. He suggests company executives be trained in AI before beginning an implementation initiative.

Correa adds that the only way to derive value from AI is by figuring out how to integrate the technology into the business. He also points out that most CEOs learn about AI from a solution provider trying to sell them another AI tool. The seller is focused on selling the infrastructure or software without worrying about the data and AI literacy.

In conclusion, Correa says that even with the changing AI landscape, companies still need to learn more about the technology.

CDO Magazine appreciates Alejandro Correa for sharing his insights and data success stories with our global community.

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