CyberSecurity Midwest Summit Gathers 500 CISOs and Senior Security Executives in Cincinnati

CyberSecurity Midwest Summit Gathers 500 CISOs and Senior Security Executives in Cincinnati

ComSpark and CDO Magazine brought together hundreds of Chief Information Security Officers and senior data security executives for the first in-person CyberSecurity Midwest Summit since 2019 at the Delta Hotels by Marriott in Cincinnati, Ohio, September 29, 2022. The one-day CyberSecurity Midwest Summit is the hallmark event for cybersecurity in the Midwest, now the data and technology corridor of North America.

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“The emergence of data as a strategic asset to drive greater value in the enterprise is causing a key alignment between the offices of the CDO and the CISO,” according to Steve Wanamaker, Founder and CEO of ComSpark and CDO Magazine. He said it reminds him of how the CIO and CMO roles had key alignment around 10 years ago. “Before that, the CIO wasn’t thought of as a key partner to the CMO. However, once the CMO learned that the CIO had key technology that could help create value, they had strategic alignment. We’re seeing the same thing play out today with the CDO and CISO roles.” Wanamaker pointed out, “You can’t make money without secure data.”

The CyberSecurity Midwest Summit featured more than 100 renowned information security experts speaking across 30 thought leadership panel sessions and four keynote presentations, sharing firsthand experience and applications from managing their companies’ critical infrastructures.

State of Ohio Chief Information Security Officer Anupam Srivastava said, “The CyberSecurity Midwest Summit was a top-notch event, with sessions and panel discussions packed with knowledgeable and experienced security professionals.” Fifth Third Bank Chief Information Security Officer Brian Minick added that the “Summit continues to be one of the most well run and attended cyber events. With so many cyber security leaders from different backgrounds and industries coming together, it is one of the best learning opportunities of the year.”

Hundreds of attendees from across the midwest region of the United States gathered to hear expert panelists with diverse experience from multiple industries, including aviation and aerospace, biotech research, construction, financial and legal services, healthcare, insurance, education and training, government, manufacturing, media and advertising, real estate, retail and transportation. 

Hot topic tracks ranged from building the next generation of the cybersecurity workforce and operational security – the next evolution in risk reduction to the growing threat of ransomware, to cybersecurity risk and exposure – a key factor in partnership decisions, the journey towards zero trust, and best practices in cloud cybersecurity and vendor management.

“Covering topics like zero trust, talent development, ransomware and more, my team and I found that it challenged our thinking and gave us valuable best practices to apply in our own security program,” added Minick. 

The Summit was sponsored by 50 leading innovative solutions providers.

Thanks to all our sponsors for making the CyberSecurity Midwest Summit a huge success!

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