(US & Canada) VIDEO | Align Resources With Actual Needs to Maximize Cloud Benefits — Best Doctors Insurance CDAO

Luis Velandia, Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Best Doctors Insurance, speaks with Carlos Cruz, National Lead of Data Strategy and Governance at Centric Consulting, in a video interview about the keys to organizational success, the approach to cloud modernization, and the importance of data storytelling.

Velandia believes that the key to success is aligning each tactical initiative with the overarching goals of the organization. Elaborating on the statement, he says that factors like storing data in the cloud or on-prem should be based on specific business use cases.

Further, Velandia notes that analyzing factors such as information security, legality, the physical location of the company, local legislation, and maintenance cost is critical. He asserts that organizations need to focus on scalability, data integration, and data transformation so that the approach cohesively contributes to the broader objectives of cloud transformation.

Combining strategic foresight with tactical implementation will enable organizations to build a modern cloud framework that meets immediate needs and evolves to address future challenges as well. He urges organizations to regularly assess strategic vision and adjust approaches.

The choice for cloud modernization involves key factors like cloud strategy, whether it is multi-cloud or single-cloud, says Velandia. Further, assessing specific service offerings, cost integration with existing infrastructure, geographical presence, security, and compliance is critical.

Additionally, having the support is fundamental. Highlighting AWS, Azure, and GCP, he states that all of them offer services that cater to specific use cases. Regarding AWS, it has a global reach and wide service offering ideal for diverse applications, he says. Similarly, Azure excels in seamless integration with the Microsoft ecosystem and has solid security features.

Therefore, choosing the right provider depends on understanding the specific needs, performance, and costs, says Velandia.

When asked about the most effective way to maximize cloud benefits, he points towards optimizing IT resources and aligning them with actual needs. Secondly, he stresses the need to commit to specific long-term resources at a lower cost, eliminating the cost related to inactive resources and removing unused data.

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(US & Canada) VIDEO | Align Resources With Actual Needs to Maximize Cloud Benefits — Best Doctors Insurance CDAO

Further, it is crucial to use the tools provided by the cloud service providers and third-party solutions to identify spending patterns and optimize necessary areas.

Moving forward, Velandia states that the success of data lies in the ability to make informed decisions with it. Data is only as valuable as the business success it creates, he says.

Velandia understands the need to tailor the narrative to the audience and simplify complex data with clear visualization. He affirms that organizations must foster interaction and use data to support actionable insights and sometimes intuition.

Storytelling can further amplify the power of numbers, providing an engaging narrative that connects the dots for the audience and compels them to act, Says Velandia. It is crucial to understand the audience while presenting a narrative, he adds.

Adding on, Velandia says that the value will only materialize when the audience makes decisions based on the information.

In conclusion, he states that data storytelling is a skill that requires practice. He maintains that continuous improvement on feedback is key to yielding the best results and telling impactful data stories.

CDO Magazine appreciates Luis Velandia for sharing his insights with our global community.

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