(US & Canada) VIDEO | Data Democratization Starts With Business Ownership Of Data — UPS Enterprise Data Strategy VP

Ioana Mazare, VP, Enterprise Data Strategy at UPS, speaks with Susan Wilson, Group VP, Americas Solutions Leader at Informatica, in a video interview about data democratization empowering data users, and measuring the business value of initiatives tied to data culture and literacy.

UPS is a leading global package delivery company and provider of global supply chain management solutions.

With more data and information comes the responsibility to curate the data to catalog the information and ensure that it is clearly defined, says Mazare. She adds that having metadata about data in analytics drives value quickly.

Adding on, Mazare states that at UPS, democratizing the data starts with the business ownership of the data. Therefore, the company makes the cloud data available for self-service wherein the stewards are the key.

Elaborating, Mazare says that self-service implies responsible use and having access to useful information, but democracy brings in responsibility. Assigning ownership creates a free space within a framework allowing innovation at the edge.

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(US & Canada) VIDEO | Data Democratization Starts With Business Ownership Of Data — UPS Enterprise Data Strategy VP

Moving forward, she mentions using the marketplace data catalog to bring data and analytics from across the company. Mazare reiterates that it all boils down to partnership and understanding the structure.

When asked about measuring the business value of data culture and literacy initiatives, she starts by describing the data fluency program as a part of the culture. She maintains that governance, culture, communication, and fluency are interconnected.

Furthermore, Mazare shares that the organization has been adapting over the years to new market expectations and building smart networks and capabilities. She opines that to leverage the digital transformation UPS is going through, all employees must understand the same language.

Concluding, Mazare states that it is essential to motivate everyone to be a part of the journey and upskilling is a way everyone can contribute and do their part.

CDO Magazine appreciates Ioana Mazare for sharing her insights with our global community.

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