(US & Canada) VIDEO | Building Partnerships Matters More Than Taking Ownership — Mars Global Director and Head of SRM Analytics

Wendy Janssen, Global Director and Head of SRM Analytics at Mars, speaks with Amy Horowitz, VP of Data Governance Solutions Sales at Informatica, in a video interview about engaging business stakeholders, best practices to deliver data value and the importance of building partnerships.

Janssen begins by stating that engaging people in the process from day one is a critical component of changing the perception of data governance. People want to be heard, she adds, and organizations must ensure that their challenges are seen.

The organization can bring them into that conversation and partnership to teach the value and beauty that data can add. Instead of speaking overtly on governance, Janssen advises using the organizational problem statement to show how data can be an enabler to help achieve results faster in a better way.

When asked about best practices around delivering the value of data and analytics, engagement is the key, says Janssen. For instance, the organization stresses having a design thinking session to get to the crux of any problem, which involves a conversation.

Adding on, Janssen states that the conversation does not just happen from a user point of view, rather, it also includes other connected functions and senior leaders. Thereafter, the solution is built in an agile manner with the critical involvement of the business.

Further, Janssen states that as the business stakeholders get involved in the process, it builds an understanding that enables them to understand data and the challenges. Consequently, the outcomes make them realize the value of data and analytics.

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Moving forward, Janssen affirms that depending on the project size, building a solution may take months. Therefore, the organization has set up steering committees and groups that include the senior leadership.

Bringing in senior leadership and sharing the initial results with them excites them, says Janssen. Furthermore, she mentions that the insights relevant to senior leadership and people building the solutions are different, therefore tailoring the message is critical for better engagement.

Commenting on CDOs taking ownership of analytics and AI and delivering tangible business value, Janssen mentions that Mars has recently hired a CDO. While she reports directly to the business, there is a lot of collaboration with the CDO office as there are many common touchpoints.

In conclusion, Janssen asserts that building partnerships matters more than taking ownership, and Mars operates on the five principles of quality, responsibility, mutuality, efficiency, and freedom. The mantra, she reiterates, is being business-led, and analytics enabled.

CDO Magazine appreciates Wendy Janssen for sharing her insights with our global community.

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