VIDEO | William & Mary CTO: Our Goals Can't Be So Rigid That We Box Ourselves In

VIDEO | William & Mary CTO: Our Goals Can't Be So Rigid That We Box Ourselves In

(US and Canada) Corinne Picataggi, Chief Technology Officer, The College of William & Mary, speaks with Denise Verdicchio, SHI International SVP and President of Public Sector Sales, in this video interview about projects she is proud of and her approach to setting up the tech strategy and roadmap.

Speaking about a project she feels proud of, Picataggi highlights putting together a case management system, employing the needed communication tools, creating a workflow, and centralizing reporting for COVID contact tracing. She says the initiative deserved particular mention because it was executed quickly with limited resources. Her team created a database that fed analytics from an epidemiological perspective and the dashboard.

Next, Picataggi highlights that an organization needs to consider consumer expectations, how consumers perceive value, and how their perceptions and expectations change over time. She stresses that a roadmap must include decision-making methods and ways to realize incremental changes in the short term.

Picataggi advises that goals should be flexible, as they frequently confirm the alignment between the work and the path. In conclusion, Picataggi says that constant cross-checking of how time is spent furthers goals.

CDO Magazine appreciates Corinne Piccatagi for sharing her insights and data success stories with our global community.

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