VIDEO | William & Mary CTO: Value Delivery is Optimizing Your Users’ ROI

VIDEO | William & Mary CTO: Value Delivery is Optimizing Your Users’ ROI

(US and Canada) Corinne Picataggi, Chief Technology Officer, The College of William & Mary, speaks with Denise Verdicchio, SHI International SVP and President of Public Sector Sales, about value delivery through IT and what it actually means for her organization.

To Picataggi, value delivery is optimizing the users’ return on investment. She states that William & Mary's mission is to support lifelong learning, generate new knowledge and expand understanding. That means the required technology resources must be available to accomplish these goals and determine how to enable rapid experimentation and adoption, she adds.

On the operations side, Picataggi is responsible for maximizing the returns from technology investments, helping the institution move further in the analytics maturity curve, and driving the ability to make optimal decisions for operations and services. Picataggi mentions that it is a tight race to deliver more business value in less time with better user experience and quality.

Picataggi says that users in her institution now have more experience with technology than ever before. With the COVID era adoption of technology, she recalls using the term “accelerated modernization” to describe rapid technology deployments in order to pivot to online teaching, learning, and operating. It forced the organization to release tools and processes with less testing and perfection, she adds. Picataggi explains that, in the tight race for technology, one cannot wait for perfection, which can lead to dissatisfied users. She mentions that the organization’s overall value delivery increased during that time.

Picataggi’s favorite task is process redesign–to sit down, listen to users, and be in front of a whiteboard. That involves asking a lot of questions about making something better or solving bottlenecks for users.

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