Navigating Tomorrow: Ethical Frontiers in AI & Advanced Analytics

In the ever-evolving landscape of AI and advanced analytics, ethical considerations have emerged as a linchpin for sustainable innovation.

Our panel, situated within the "Ethics: Future of AI & Advanced Analytics" track at the CDO Summit, aims to unravel the complexities of advancing AI adoption while deftly navigating the changing regulatory and compliance landscape.

This insightful discussion led by industry pioneers, share smart strategies and practical approaches to foster ethical practices in AI deployment. They also explore how organizations can stay ahead of regulatory shifts, ensuring compliance while embracing the rapid evolution of technology.

Discover the delicate balance between technological advancement and ethical responsibility, and how it can not only mitigate risks but also pave the way for trustworthy, responsible AI.

Gain valuable insights to propel your organization toward a responsible and innovative AI future.


  • Anna Hannem, Scotia Bank, Vice President, Data & AI Risk

  • Carole Piovesan, INQ Law, Managing Partner

  • Alex Tait, Bank of Montreal, US Chief Data and Analytics Officer

  • Lana Zhang, AWS, Senior AI Services Solutions Architect


  • Ben Blanquera, Rackspace Technology, Vice President

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