KEYNOTE: Accelerating Cloud Data Business Value with CDMC

Cloud implementations hold the promise of enabling new business capabilities and resolving infrastructure challenges. However, firms have seen “lift & shift” approaches fail while a “use case” based plan may take too long. Meanwhile, data privacy requirements can also delay migrations and data governance gaps can prevent visibility into what data is now available.

These are all reasons why multiple companies across different industries joined forces to develop the Cloud Data Management Capabilities (CDMC) framework.

Sponsored by the EDM Council, a working group created the CDMC framework, including 14 key controls, to safely enable data usage on the cloud. Public cloud providers also contributed to the framework’s development and are committed to its adoption.

The 15-minute session covers:

  • How a consortium came together to develop the CDMC

  • How using CDMC increases the business value of a cloud implementation

  • Real life implementation stories


  • Mike Meriton, EDM Council, Co-Founder

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