Beyond the Headlines: Unpacking AI Ethics - Lessons Learned and Future Imperatives

At the CDO Summit, this thought-provoking panel situated in the "Ethics: Future of AI & Advanced Analytics" track, delves into real-world examples where AI ethics were compromised, exploring the lessons learned and charting a course for a more responsible AI future.

Our expert panelists navigate the intricate terrain of ethical considerations in AI, shedding light on instances where fairness, transparency, trustworthiness, responsibility, security, privacy, inclusion, and contestability were tested.

Beyond anecdotes, they'll provide actionable insights into how organizations can proactively organize and structure teams to drive key aspects of ethical AI. From cultivating a culture of responsibility to embedding transparency in algorithmic decision-making, they'll address the multifaceted dimensions of AI ethics.

Walk away with a nuanced understanding of the ethical challenges in AI, armed with strategies to fortify your organization against potential pitfalls and lead with integrity in the dynamic landscape of advanced analytics.


  • Peter Geovanes, McGuireWoods LLP, Chief Innovation & AI Officer

  • Ron Klein, Dynamic Health Collaborative

  • Ima Okonny, Employment & Social Development Canada, Assistant Deputy Minister and Chief Data Officer

  • Della Shea, CDO Magazine, Chief Data Officer Ambassador for Canada


  • Ben Blanquera, Rackspace Technology, Vice President

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